Environmental and Social Responsibility

Enviromental Performance

The Company is committed to environmental conservation with the 3R policy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, which is not only implemented in the office but also in stores. The Company reduces plastic waste by not providing free plastic shopping bags in restricted areas and offering Non-Free Plastic Bags (KPTG) in other areas. Paper waste reduction is encouraged through the use of email and digital platforms, as well as the reuse of the empty side of unused paper. In addition, empty cardboard boxes are provided at each store and recyclable shopping bags to reduce the use of plastic bags.

The Company actively takes concrete steps to reduce its environmental impact through various initiatives that include energy efficiency, water usage savings, and waste management. The Company reduces electrical energy consumption by replacing fluorescent lights with LEDs, utilizing natural lighting, and regulating the use of air conditioners. These measures help lower the CO2 emissions generated. In addition, the Company is also active in educating employees about water saving and installing water-saving sanitary equipment. The Company also cooperates with a third party for waste management, ensuring that proper disposal of organic and non-organic waste is done at the landfill. Through these measures, the Company demonstrates its seriousness in protecting the environment and contributing to its preservation.

Social Performance

The Company believes that business sustainability will be achieved by maintaining good relationships with all stakeholders, ranging from employees, consumers, to the community. This is not only shown through the fulfillment of their daily needs, but also through social contributions to the community around the Company's environment and social responsibility towards employees and customers.

Commitment to Employees

The Company's commitment to employees includes the creation of a harmonious and fair working environment, as well as equality in all aspects. The Company emphasize a policy of non-discrimination and no forced labor or employment of minors. The Company also offers fair remuneration and various employee benefits in accordance with legal requirements and is committed to the development of employee potential through various professional training.

The Company also upholds diversity and equal opportunity in recruitment, training and promotion processes. They ensure that selection and promotion are based on employee qualifications and achievements, regardless of personal background. In terms of safety, the Company emphasizes the involvement of all parties in implementing strict Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) procedures, with appropriate facilities and training. By doing so, the Company not only ensures the well-being of its employees, but also creates a safe and inclusive working environment for everyone.

Commitment to the Community

The Company affirms its commitment to the community with various economic empowerment programs and utilization of local labor. The Company actively encourage local purchasing, strengthen local MSMEs suppliers, and open opportunities for MSMEs to sell their products at the Company's stores. In addition, the Company also conducts socialization and workshops to improve the quality of MSME products. This approach not only creates jobs for the surrounding community, but also has a positive economic and social impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility Activities

The Company sees corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities as a shared responsibility of all elements of the company, encouraging employee and customer engagement to create a more just and sustainable society. Such activities include health assistance, education, public facility improvements, as well as support to orphans, orphanages, blood donations, and Ramadan and zakat programs. In addition, the Company also continues its involvement in various social activities through partnerships with Indonesian NGOs, such as Yayasan Pendidikan Harapan Papua (YPHP), Yayasan Lentera Membangun Bangsa (YLMB), and LAZISNU.

Commitment to Consumers

The Company emphasizes its commitment to providing superior services to consumers in accordance with consumer protection regulations. It ensures product safety and certification, including Halal certification for all 139 multiformat store locations across Indonesia from BPJPH and ISO 22000:2018 - Food Safety Management System certification, and continues to innovate in product development, launching the Hypermart brand to fulfill consumers' daily needs at affordable prices. In addition, the Company focuses on customer safety and convenience, with safety standards and customer-friendly store design. A friendly service attitude from employees is also a priority, while regular product and service evaluations and transparency of information to consumers are also emphasized.

In addition to using customer satisfaction surveys, the Company also receives customer feedback and complaints through various communication channels, including in-store customer service, call centers, social media, and electronic mail. All such feedback is recorded and used to continuously improve services, with complaints that cannot be handled directly forwarded to the relevant departments for further handling.