Business Format

Business Format Overview


Hypermart, MPPA’s core business, is one of Indonesia’s leading modern retail hypermarkets for middle-class families that is growing nationwide, with a wide range of products including groceries, fresh produce, bazaar items, softlines, and electronics. Hypermart has a competitive advantage as a result of extensive retail and consumer studies, comprehensive analysis of sales and profitability by SKU, and a nationwide distribution network for product delivery from Distribution Centers and suppliers to all stores.

MPPA has realigned Hypermart format and business model to be more consumer-focused emphasizing better service for consumer needs. The strategy includes a significant focus on Fresh Products, food, groceries and fast-moving household products essentials for daily use, all offered at attractive price points. Additionally, ongoing cost-savings measures and productivity enhancements at the store level are expected to boost Hypermart productivity and profitability in the future.


Through Foodmart Fresh and premium Foodmart Primo supermarket formats, MPPA emphasizes fresh products, bakery, ready-to-eat foods, and a diverse range of local and international products. Foodmart Fresh has enhanced its focus on high-quality fresh foods to offer consumers the freshest products available. Meanwhile, Foodmart Primo provides a variety of international products, a wider selection of quality fresh products, and an expanded ready-to-eat food area, featuring options for dine-in or take-out, as well as cafes and bakeries in strategic locations for the middle to upper market segments.


Launched at the end of 2019, HyFresh has made significant progress and has become MPPA’s latest store format, based on the community supermarket concept with a broader focus on fresh products and groceries to attract middle-class households for their daily shopping needs. With its unique characteristics resembling a combination of a mini-hypermarket and a community-centric supermarket, HyFresh is set to be the ideal FMCG format moving forward, aligning with the existing core focus of Hypermart, in reaching communities seeking fresh food retailers with a more efficient operational approach. It aims to integrate the strengths of both hypermarkets and supermarkets into a single store concept for consumers looking for quality products and shopping convenience.

Boston Healty & Beauty

Boston is positioned to offer a modern, convenient health and beauty store concept, with additional health consultation services available at selected stores. The Boston concept provides consumers with all their health and beauty product needs.


FMX minimarket stores are located in strategic locations such as malls, apartments, hospitals, offices, and other public areas for the convenience and quick purchases of the surrounding community. FMX differentiates itself from other Indonesian minimarket operators with its modern layout, extensive ready-to-eat food and beverage area, and a variety of snack food products. General financial services such as ATMs, mobile top-ups, and bill payments are also available in this store format. MPPA is optimistic that FMX will be able to provide various growth opportunities through store expansion and high-traffic locations to capture maximum potential as a convenient modern store in the future.