Other Senior Executives

Iwan Goenadi

Head of Information Technology

62 years old, Indonesian Citizens.

Joined the Company as Head of Management Information Systems (MIS) in 1988. He was appointed as Head of Store Operations Supermarket in 1999 and Chief of MIS since 2002.

Danny Kojongian

Corporate Secretary & Public Relation

Joined the Company in 1996. His career in the Company has grown from Senior Manager Investor Relations and Public Relations to the present position. He has been working in this role since 1996. In 2014 he was appointed as Corporate Secretary.He started his professional career in PT Duta Pertiwi as Treasury Senior Staff (1994-1996). He obtained his MBA degree majoring in Finance and Portfolio Management from National University, San Diego, USA (1994) and Bachelor of Marketing from San Diego State University, USA (1992). He was born in 1969.


Head of Internal Audit

Joined the Company in 1991, graduated from YKPN Yogyakarta College of Economics with educational background in Accounting. He has experience in compliance audits, store operational management audits, indirect procurement in the retail business for the provision of the project and maintenance section of the Company and previously at PT Matahari Department Store Tbk. He was born in 1968.


Head of Merchandising (Fresh)

Joined the Company in 2018 with over 18 years of experience in retail industry. His role is leading the Fresh Merchandising Division with national coverage for Company's multi-format stores and working with fresh produce distributors, streamlining product sourcing and supply through distribution channel. He started his career in retail industry at PT Lion Superindo as Store Operational Manager (2003-2007), Fresh Procurement Department Head (2007-2014) and Fresh Procurement General Manager (2014-2018). Junaedi was graduated from Bogor Agricultural Institute as Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering and was born in 1980

Setyoadi Wicaksono

Head of General Merchandising

Currently serving as the Company's Director of General Merchandising since 2019. Setyoadi started his professional career in Carrefour Indonesia as Buyer Department Beverage and Tobacco (2006-2010), Senior Category Manager for Dry Grocery (2010-2012) and in PT Hero Supermarket Tbk with several positions as Merchandise Support and Controller (2012-2013), Head of Controller for Giant Banner (2014), Head of Commercial Support (2014-2015), General Merchandise Director (2016-2017), Director of Commercial Support and Master File (2017-2018), and later he joined PT Lotte Mart Indonesia as Commercial Director (2018-2019). He graduated from Parahyangan University, Bandung in 2002 with Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. He was born in 1979.